Personal Shopping

Whether you like shopping or not, there is no doubt that it is an art-form.

Some of us hate it with a vengeance, because we can never find what we are looking for. Others love it to bits and can spend hours looking, even if they don’t find anything.

The key to successful shopping is to identify those shops that carry ranges that suit your needs so your time is most productively spent – and you feel that there are lots of clothes that you could choose.

I have accompanied many clients from my consultations, seminars and courses on the ultimate test. - putting into practice what they have learned.

Using my experience, we can visit a shop and within minutes decide if their approach and budget is right for you.

If the shop is aiming at a market that isn’t what you want to achieve today, even if it’s been a favourite of yours, don’t waste your time. Let’s get to the places where we can have fun!

“Your image is your way of saying who you are.”

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“Luanne helped me appreciate the body I have by highlighting the fabulous bits and hiding the bits that need a little help.  Thanks Luanne, I can finally shop and dress myself with confidence.
Adele Rudd