How to Get That Job

At a job interview, you not only need to look your best, but you need to convince your potential employer that you’re the right person for the position.

Did you know that, assuming you meet the ability and experience criteria, employee selection is mostly an emotional process? Only 7% of the impression you create comes from what you say. Those invisible vibes play a crucial part. It’s a truism that after all, people buy people.

I can show you how to look the part at your interview (remember, you’ve only got three seconds) – that’s easy. More importantly, I can teach you how to develop your self-confidence and how to carry yourself so that you impress.

We’ll run through some interview scenarios and do some role-playing so you can gain valuable experience of the interview environment.

This consultation will set you up to get that better job, with more money and better prospects. See your career take off!

“The most important facet of training is to educate, not instruct.”


“I like how Luanne showed me how to work out the best style etc for me, as well as encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone when I was ready. 
Nola Bourne