For Companies

Like it or not, we subconsciously decide if we want to do business with someone in the first few seconds, just from how we feel about them.

Using my years of experience in running a successful marketing and training company I can show your people how to capitalise on that by presenting the right image.

My motivational workshops and seminars will show them how to look and behave to be successful, in both customer facing and internal situations.

Using extensive role-playing, I cover the importance of pre-meeting planning, steering the discussion in the right direction, reading the other parties visual clues and thinking on your feet. And don’t overlook the importance of integrity – only making promises you can keep.

Although I tailor my corporate courses to suit your company, I generally cover these main areas:

  • Choosing the appropriate dress for your role – look the part.
  • How to create a professional image
  • How to develop self-confidence
  • How to relate to your customers and other staff
  • How to develop the visual clues that matter

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“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

"Doing the "Accent on the Positive" course has re-instated my self confidence and streamlined a style that suits me and my lifestyle. Do it, you will never look back!"
Melinda Lord